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Video: Champagne Sabering for Weddings: Let's start the show!

Let's start the show!  Sabering a bottle of Champagne is a great way to get people in the mood for a party!

Champagne Tower FAQs

Standing in front of a Champagne Tower at a wedding

How Big is a Champagne Tower?

 The Champagne Tower is typically built on a 48 inch round table. When it is built to its maximum height (10 stories), its dimensions are: 48in wide, 48in long, 75in high (30in table height).  

What occasions are Champagne Towers appropriate for?

 Champagne Towers are perfect for weddings, receptions, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, product launch parties, holiday parties (New Year's Eve especially) and any other occasion that deserves a celebration.  

How do I get a glass of Champagne without toppling the tower?

Taking glasses off of the tower is dangerous and takes away from the beauty of it. We only pour “faux Champagne” into the tower, so there is no alcohol in the glass, and therefore no reason to pull a glass from the tower. If you would like to drink from a Champagne Tower, we offer you the option of renting additional glasses at a rate of $0.75 each from which we can build a second smaller Champagne Tower to serve real sparkling wine from. 

How do you build a Champagne Tower?

 Very carefully! It takes lots of practice, time, and patience to get good at building a Champagne Tower. We bring out supplies to your venue, set up a table and build it on site. The glasses are balanced on one another carefully and gravity does the rest.  

How do you fill the bottom glasses?

 When we pour into the top glass, it overflows to fill the glasses below it. When those glasses overflow, the layer below them begins to fill up and so on. It is a truly magical experience to see live. 

Can I pour into the Champagne Tower?

Unfortunately, you may not. For your safety and the safety of those around you, we only allow a trained agent of 3 Cheers Productions to pour into the tower.

What kind of glasses do you use for the Champagne Tower?


We use a glass called a Champagne Coupe to create the tower. It is a short, wide glass that is ideal for creating the tower shape. Other glasses make the tower awkwardly tall and thin. The Coupe is the way to go! (Fun fact, they are often called Marie Antoinette coupes). 

How much is the Champagne Tower?

 3 Cheers Productions charges $250/hour with a 3-hour minimum for all of our services. A typical event will have the tower set up for between 2 and 3 hours, though several events have kept them up for longer. This price includes the Sommelier Entertainer for the night, who will pour into the top glass in front of your guests so they can see the bubbles cascading down the glasses below. The Sommelier Entertainer will also be there to tell stories to and entertain your guests while they enjoy the action of the Champagne Tower.  

What is a Sommelier Entertainer?


A Sommelier is a restaurant professional that specializes in buying, selling and serving beverages. All Sommelier Entertainers are Sommeliers, but not all Sommeliers are Entertainers. The Sommelier Entertainers we send to your event have been thoroughly vetted and trained to be both technically skilled and knowledgeable, but also a pleasure to see perform. I use the word “perform” because that is what they do. While they are at your event, they are on stage making sure your guests have the best possible experience.  

Have you ever had a Champagne Tower topple over?


It is our pleasure to say that we have not had a single Champagne Tower topple over since we started doing this in 2016. We have only had 1 glass broken out of the countless thousands we have used. However, things happen and it is always a possibility. If it does happen, our team is trained to handle it with grace while ensuring the safety of those around. 

How much wine does each glass hold?


Each glass holds 5.5 oz of Champagne. A filled tower can hold 1210 oz of Champagne, or about standard bottles. 

Champagne Sabering FAQs

Champagne Towers and Champagne Sabering for Weddings

What is Champagne Sabering?

 Champagne Sabering (known in French as Sabrage) is the act of using a sword to remove the cork of a bottle of Champagne. 

Where does Sabering come from?


Sabering likely originates from the French battle fields. There are accounts of Napoleon Bonaparte’s armies using their cavalry swords to open Champagne in celebration of a victory.

Why would someone Saber a bottle of Champagne at a wedding?

 Sabering Champagne is an eye-catching and dramatic way to end a speech, start a party, or toast an occasion. We often like to use it to nudge party-goers towards the next stage of the party, be it dinner or the dance floor. 

How much pressure is in a bottle of Champagne?

 There are typically about 4 atmospheres of pressure in a fully sparkling bottle of wine (i.e. Champagne). 4 Atmospheres is similar to the amount of pressure in a typical bus tire. 

How does Sabering work?

 The glass making process leaves two seams in the Champagne bottle. The point at which those seams meet is the weakest point in the bottle. When struck the right way, that seam breaks and the cork flies! 

Does any glass get in the bottle?

 Technically, it should be impossible for glass to get into the bottle. The pressure of the gas in the bottle blows any glass fragments away from the wine. That being said, for your safety we do not allow clients or guests to consume Champagne that we saber.  

Is Sabering safe to try at home?

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Do you remove the cage before you Saber?


We do not remove the Champagne Cage before we saber. Removing the cage makes the bottle unsafe. A cork can fly out of the bottle with enough force to cause serious injury. 

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