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Welcome to 3 Cheers Productions

This is the place where you can download your own Greeting Card for a Bottle.  They are easy to print, cut and fold.  You can also click here to see a short video on how to print, cut, and fold the cards at home.   These downloads are free, so if you would like to support us feel free to click here to buy us a drink!  

Free Valentine's Day Card

Watch the video below for DIY instructions

Here is a free gift for you!  It is a Valentine's day card that you can print out, cut out, and stick on a bottle!  Cheers!  

Click to Download Card PDF

DIY Bottle Cards - Print and Cut

How-to print and cut out your Greeting Card for Bottle

 Follow the instructions in this video and in a few minutes you will have your own Greeting Card for Bottle.  

  1. Download the Word or PDF version of the card
  2. Print it out on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock
  3. Cut on the dotted lines
  4. Sign your card, slip it on a bottle, and give it to someone you love!



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