Our Team

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Chef de Cuisine Aries Do

Originally from Holland, Michigan, Aries developed her passion for food and drink at her parent's table.  She has a deep connection to the Puerto Rican cuisine of her mother and the Vietnamese cuisine of her father.  After receiving her culinary degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta, she practiced her culinary technique at Sea Island, a Forbes Five Star rated resort.  At Atlas Restaurant in Buckhead, she received further mentoring from  an alumnus of the French Laundry in Napa Valley.  

Her pursuit of culinary excellence and desire to control her own destiny has lead her to become the Research and Development Chef and Quality Control analyst of Church's Chicken where she creates new flavors for both the domestic and international markets.  

For 3 Cheers, she is the creative vision and driver behind our menu development.  She possesses a keen ability to cater a menu to our clients needs.  One of her strengths is creating dishes that are specifically designed to show off a particular beverage, allowing our clients to throw parties that feature wine and spirits from their personal collections.    Call 3 Cheers and allow Chef Aries to develop food concepts that will scream "synergy" with your venue and concept.

sommelier Chris Lodge

Chef Sommelier Christopher Lodge

A lifelong member of the hospitality industry, Christopher began his career in an ubiquitious fast breakfast chain. After a short stint studying in Europe, he fell in love with the world of food and wine and made his passion his career.  He went from stocking wine bottles at a famous specialty foods retailer to being the Chef Sommelier in Georgia's most awarded dining room.  He has been featured in numerous beverage articles and publications, and in his spare time enjoys playing music in a local jazz band.  

For 3 Cheers, he is the service face of the company.  His years of experience in Hospitality and Fine Dining have developed his senses and eye for detail.   You may find that he has anticipated your need before you even realize that you need something!  

His passion, however, is where the most notable experiences will stem from.  During the course of an event, you may hear a variety of unique and interesting stories about food and drink ranging from the story of an underdog wine region beating the world's best in a blind tasting to an unfortunate weather event in the 1950's that dramatically effected the taste of the beverage in your glass.